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At Neighborhood Garage Door Service, we are renowned for our knowledge of garage door design, installation, and repair. Work in these areas has provided us with considerable insight into the best way to maintain garage doors in good working order. If you need maintenance assistance, our experts are available 24/7 to provide you with rapid and efficient service in the Imperial Beach, CA area. When one of our mobile service units arrives at your garage to carry out regular or emergency maintenance, you can be assured that your garage door will be restored to perfect working order.

The Price of Unqualified Maintenance

Never make the mistake of having your garage door serviced by someone without the proper qualifications or knowledge. Unfortunately, a small issue has the potential to develop into a big problem if it is handled incorrectly. The various parts of garage door systems operate under immense forces to smoothly raise and lower a heavy door. If an untrained person does something unnecessary to a component, especially one that is capable of suddenly failing, the result could be a serious injury to the inexperienced service person.

Neighborhood Garage Door Service Imperial Beach, CA 619-489-6637Because inexperience is dangerous, you should only use the expert services of Neighborhood Garage Door Service. We don’t hire staffs who are not thoroughly trained in all aspects of working with every type of garage door system and its components. A service vehicle from our mobile fleet will arrive on the scene with a trained technician with all the tools necessary to carry out any job quickly, efficiently and in safety. Neighborhood Garage Door Service provides you with local convenience and professional solutions to all of your service needs. We encourage Imperial Beach residents to contact us regarding any aspect of their garage door system.

Garage Door Checkup

In a complex garage door system, each component depends on the next. A failure of one component could have a cascading effect and cause the whole system to break down. To avoid this happenstance, regular maintenance is crucial. This is particularly important for garage doors that are custom-designed or are heavy-duty. Routine, regular maintenance by Neighborhood Garage Door Service’s professionals will help solve the most commonly encountered garage door issues before they have a chance to turn into serious problems.

We believe in being proactive – our checkup services will pinpoint any current and potential future problems with your overall garage door system and/or its individual parts. A garage door checkup from Neighborhood Garage Door Service includes a thorough examination of common failure points such as the panels, track assembly, door springs, and hardware. After our technician makes adjustments where necessary, your garage door will function as if new. 

Our technician will inform you of what has been discovered during your checkup and advise you of any suggested replacements or upgrades of components that are required to keep your garage system operating smoothly.

Off-Track Garage Door

The track assembly of a garage door enables the door to be raised and lowered in a smooth and predictable manner. When a garage door is not on its track, the mobility of the door is restricted or completely gone. Most off-track door problems are caused by a broken cable. Cables can give way simply from years of use. Environmental issues such as temperature and/or moisture can also cause cable materials to break down over time. Unfortunately, although the damage may have been building up for some time, cables are likely to break suddenly. The malfunction usually happens on one side when the garage door is being raised. What this means is that the garage door cannot be operated if the door is not fully open when the cable gives way. The “electric eye” that detects solid objects in the way of the door’s closing can also malfunction, and is another common reason for a door to become askew from its track assembly. Whatever the cause of a garage door becoming loose from its track, the situation needs immediate attention. You can have confidence that Neighborhood Garage Door Service’s expert technicians are always only a phone call away and will soon have your garage door back on its track and performing properly.